At Quick Walls, we are experts at working with acoustic panels that will effectively reduce any loud noises. All of our solutions are fully bespoke, tailored to your unique requirements and space. Whether you are looking to keep indoor noise inside, external sounds out or both, acoustic walls are a great option.

Our acoustic walls give effective noise reduction solutions to private homeowners, commercial businesses and industrial zones alike. There is no project that is too small or too large for our team of professionals to take on and effectively complete.

If you have ever experienced harsh noise inside a room, then it has likely been the result of sound bouncing off the hard surfaces of the room, including floors and ceilings. Unwanted high noise levels can affect day to day life in commercial buildings and private residences alike.

Decades of Experience

The list of properties that require adequate levels of noise control is endless. In the past, Quick Walls has carried out work for numerous local:

  • Office Buildings
  • Recording Studios
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Private Homes

In order to eliminate these issues, utilising our acoustic panels is the ideal option. They will be installed on the exterior part of your wall, rather than under it, and greatly reduce any background noise levels while increasing speech intelligibility.

When you enlist the expertise of Quick Walls, you will have a great selection of beautiful designs to choose from. We’re confident that you will find a finish that matches your décor perfectly from our fantastic range.

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Why Choose QuickWalls

Quality Workmanship

Our acoustic wall panels will give your property unparalleled sound absorption. If an eco-friendly approach matters to you, then you have found the right provider in Quick Walls as we use recycled materials wherever possible.

Getting the best of both worlds is not impossible when you reach out to Quick Walls. We will be able to supply you with acoustic wall panels that offer supremely high performance while remaining cost-effective.

Another great thing about our acoustic panels is that they will require very little maintenance over the years, even after prolonged use. They can be cleaned using warm water and any standard household product.

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