Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is an excellent way to add rustic charm to any property, yet it’s not always the first thing that springs to mind for most people. Here at Quick Walls, we’ve embraced the aesthetic value of exposed brick walls and are proud to be able to design and supply cutting-edge panels that perfectly emulate this exceptional design. We’re the number one choice for exposed brick finishes in Dorset.

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Why Choose Exposed Brick Wall Finishes?

Exposed brick wall finishes are an excellent way of switching up plain looking walls, enhancing them with a rustic finish that simulates the look of old brick walls. The character, warmth, and texture are all captured perfectly, but without the drawbacks that come with actual brick walls. Exposed brick panels in Dorset supplied by our team contain a large number of natural pigments, oxides, and minerals.

Panelling is produced from original walls for maximum authenticity. As a result, you can expect your new exposed brick walls in Dorset to boast many great characteristics, including:

• Natural Textures
• Natural Features
• Lightweight
• Durable
• Strong

Unlike other options, exposed brick panels in Dorset can be used to provide a large amount of wall coverage in a very short space of time. A seamless finish can be accomplished without the hassle of mixing mortar or seeking out wet trades. Exposed brick walls are also unaffected by moisture and they can also be used on curved walls and ceilings.


Here at Quick Walls, we manufacture and install exposed brick wall panels in Dorset in a wide range of colours. When combined with other elements within the room, the aesthetic value cannot be overstated. Panels can be selected for a more formal appearance or for a relaxed ambience that permeates the entire room. Customers can choose between exciting options such as classic red, white or light grey.

But where to put such incredible wall finishes? Dorset, exposed brick walls are a great choice throughout your commercial property. Perhaps you’d like to design a new look for the employee kitchen or maybe enhance your office space with exquisite faux brick panels. Whatever you might like, our team are here to help.

How Can Quick Walls Help With Exposed Brick Walls in Dorset?

Get in touch with Quick Walls today on 01202 925787 and arrange for a time to meet with a member of our skilled and talented team. Our goal is to keep our prices as competitive as possible. We know that no two customers ever have the exact same requirements, so the price you’re charged will always reflect the work that needs to be carried out.

After considering carefully your specific requirements, you will be provided with a no-obligation quotation. If you’re happy with the fee that you’ve been quoted, we will arrange a time to begin work that is convenient for you. As the best choice for exposed brick panels Dorset has to offer; we’ll take everything in hand overseeing all work from start to finish.

Our experienced and certified team will carry out all installation, and you can rest assured that we’ll pay you and your property the utmost respect throughout. Here at Quick Walls, we have more than 50 years of experience to call on. So, you’ll always have complete peace of mind that you’re dealing with a team of professionals who will provide you with top-quality results.

Seek out Quick Walls today to discuss options for exposed brick wall panels in Dorset. Give us a call today on 01202 925787 to set up a discussion with a member of our team.

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