Exterior Wall Cladding

Cladding is, in a nutshell, a material or several materials that are placed over the original structure of a building. The materials used can range from stone or brick to cement, wood or uPVC.

Exterior cladding is one of those things that is often an afterthought, but it is also one of the most important elements of any building. Not only does cladding shield a building’s interior components from adverse weather conditions, it also provides outstanding aesthetics that will enhance a building’s outward appearance. Here at Quick Walls, we supply high quality exterior wall cladding in Dorset that won’t let you down.

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Why Should You Choose Exterior Wall Cladding, Dorset?

While it’s easy to see cladding as something that is merely there for aesthetics, the benefits it provides cannot be overstated. From an aesthetic standpoint, cladding helps distinguish a building in its own right while providing a finish, which beautifully complements the surrounding architecture. Simply by adding exterior wall cladding in Dorset to a building, you’ll be increasing that building’s visual appeal and monetary value.


Dorset, exterior wall cladding requires very little maintenance to keep it in excellent condition. In fact, whereas painted or plastered surfaces will require regular attention, cladding just needs to be washed down every year or two to keep it looking in tip top condition. This saves you both time and money, and ensures that your commercial premises look great all year long.


You should look at cladding as like installing a protective shell around your property. Cladding can be fitted with ventilation, which allows for condensation to escape the building, helping to prevent problems, such as mould, wet and dry rot. Cladding will also prevent external moisture from penetrating into the property while protecting internal materials from cracking, sunlight, and chemical absorption.


Adding an extra layer to the building will provide an increase in insulation. Exterior wall cladding in Dorset can not only help to keep more heat inside but also assist with shutting out external noise. This makes it an excellent choice in the middle of built-up areas, such as cities. By adding exterior cladding, you’ll also be increasing the value of the building by boosting its R-Value.
Environmentally Friendly

If you’re looking to make your commercial premises more environmentally friendly, you should definitely consider exterior wall cladding. Dorset buildings with cladding installed contribute less to global emissions as fewer carbon dioxide emissions escape the building. The materials used are also from sustainable sources.

How Can Quick Walls Help With Exterior Wall Cladding in Dorset?

At Quick Walls, we can supply and install stone cladding that is designed to transform any building, giving it the appearance of having been constructed entirely from actual stone. We also supply wood and PVCU options which are guaranteed to serve as the perfect finishing touch for any property. Our exterior wall cladding in Dorset can be customised to suit both your preferences and budget.

We offer a truly spectacular selection, with options that will complement virtually any property regardless of whether it’s old or new. Our wood and stone cladding are both made from natural, high quality materials designed to lend any property a premium look and feel. As part of our consultation process, we’ll help you choose the right exterior wall cladding for your needs.
Our team will take measurements, making certain that we supply the right amount of wall cladding to fully cover your building with no wastage to worry about.

Once we have an idea of your requirements, you will be provided with a bespoke quotation – fully itemised with all costs listed upfront. Our team will then install your new exterior wall cladding ensuring a professional finish – you won’t be disappointed!

To discuss your requirements in more detail or to find out more about exterior wall cladding in Dorset, call Quick Walls today on 01202 925787.

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