Quick Walls offers a selection of different finishes all of which come with their own unique benefits. Please consult the available options below to find out more about each solution and its suitability for your project.

Taped and Jointed

This process allows the walls to be lined without the need for a final plaster finish. The tapered edges will allow the joint tape to be covered with a compound and left flush with the plasterboard’s surface.

The application process involves covering and reinforcing the seams between the sheets of plasterboard on the wall in question. The method is utilised in order to effectively prepare a wall for decoration, offering an alternative to skim coating. Plasterboard that has been taped and jointed will not require a final coat of plaster to be applied.

Mastic Jointed

Liquid mastic sealants cure in an elastic state, which makes it highly flexible while keeping the bond of the surfaces intact. A high quality mastic sealant will adhere to practically any material. Our sealant of choice has a very smooth exterior that will keep its rigid form underneath.

When opting for a mastic jointed finish, the surfaces don’t have to be primed beforehand. Because mastic sealants are completely waterproof, they can also be used outdoors – on rain duct leaks, for example.

A mastic jointed finish is especially appropriate in areas that experience very high or low temperatures, such as heater or dryer vents.

Skimmed | Plastered

There are numerous benefits to choosing this type of finish as offered by the Quick Walls team. To start with, the hairline cracks that are commonly associated with wet plaster are very unlikely to occur with this finish.

You will also benefit from a much faster drying out time than when compared to the available alternative options. Additionally, insulation can easily be fitted behind the plasterboard by our experts.

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