Interior Wall Panelling

Interior wall panelling is something that is often overlooked, yet it is vital to the overall aesthetics and helps to set the tone throughout. If your walls are covered in marks, chipped plaster and peeling wallpaper, this can lend a cheap and tacky feel to everything else. But if your walls are adorned with wood, those warm, natural tones will endow any room with a look of elegance and sophistication. At Quick Walls, we’re the go-to company for interior wall panelling in Dorset.

Why Choose Interior Wall Panelling Dorset?

As stated above, interior wall panelling goes a long way to helping you achieve an appearance that conveys a look of professionalism. Luxurious interiors, such as those created through the use of interior panelling are more likely to instil trust in your clientele. You’re also more likely to consider frequenting a business or utilising a company’s services if great care has been taken towards creating the perfect interior aesthetic.

Likewise, they also have a knock-on effect with your employees. By creating a more visually pleasing working environment, employee morale and productivity is likely to increase as a result. Interior wall panelling can be used to help create truly dynamic interiors while concealing imperfections and enhancing what might be a rather drab and dull-looking décor.

If this sounds like something that you feel your commercial premises could benefit from, give Quick Walls a call now on 01202 925 787 to find out more about interior wall panelling in Dorset.

How Can Quick Walls Assist With Interior Wall Panelling, Dorset?

Here at Quick Walls, we’re here to provide our customers with a wide range of stylish options to transform all property types. From traditional to modern and contemporary interiors, our team are experienced in selecting complimentary styles. So, whether you’re seeking something modern or looking to imbue your property with a charming rustic aesthetic; our team is here to help.

Options include a painted finish or a solid wood one with several types of wood to choose from, which are:

• Oak
• Ash
• Maple
• Walnut

Each type provides its own charm with distinctive characteristics that lend themselves to all manner of property types. Whatever look you’re hoping to achieve, we’ll guide you through the process, finally supplying you with a free no-obligation quotation. With more than 50 years of experience to call on, you can rest easy knowing that everything is in safe hands.

For any questions related to interior wall panelling, Dorset customers should call Quick Walls on 01202 925 787 and speak to a member of our talented sales team. Alternatively, if you’d like to inquire about installing interior panelling in your own commercial property, let us know of a time that is convenient for us to pop round for a face-to-face chat.

Why Choose QuickWalls


All interior wall panelling in Dorset supplied by Quick Walls will be fitted by our fully trained and certified team. At Quick Walls, we strive to work as efficiently as possible to help minimise any downtime. If there is existing wall panelling in place, our team will remove and dispose of it before fitting the new panels, ensuring a professional finish.

Once fitted, these low maintenance panels can be kept clean with a damp cloth and can even add an extra layer of insulation in whichever room you decide to install them in. From offices and shops to spas, salons and restaurants, interior wood panelling in Dorset is a surefire way to improve the look and feel of any interior décor.