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Recent data has shown that over 40% of commercial structures are now built with metal studs instead of the traditional wood alternatives. Please keep reading below to find out more about all of the advantages our metal studs can offer you.

Because it’s lighter than wood, metal will take up half the space that lumber would thanks to its hollowed shape. What this enables is a far smoother transportation process and better storage capabilities, offering more convenience than the wood alternatives can. The easy handling due to the lighter weight makes the installation process significantly easier.

While popular, wood is prone to warping and twisting, whereas metal isn’t. Additionally, wood can easily attract moisture that can lead to troublesome issues, such as rot and mould growth. Metal will be immune to these problems, making it a cost-effective choice that will last for many years to come.

Decades of Experience

Metal stud structures are amazingly strong and durable, which is why they are an especially popular choice for high wind coastal areas. Additionally, these structures are impervious to fire, termites and splitting, which alternative materials aren’t.

They are also great for bathrooms and basements as they are completely resistant to moisture. The consistent quality of our steel frames means that scrap is drastically reduced, making metal an environmentally friendly choice as well.

Our metal wall studs are composed of steel and are utilised to support a non-load-bearing wall. The process of framing with metal studs is a straightforward process for a team of experienced professionals like Quick Walls.

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As any professional will tell you, there are a wide range of benefits to take advantage of when choosing metal studs over the wooden alternatives. The number one benefit is their perfect combination of strength and durability.

You will not have to worry about metal studs wearing and tearing, even after long periods of time have gone by. They will never warp, rot or be affected by high levels of humidity. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that these studs will last for longer than a lifetime.

Because they weigh significantly less than wood, they are lighter by nature. This enables easy storage and low maintenance. Finally, you will have complete protection because steel is a fully fireproof material.

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