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Welcome to Quick Walls. We’re a Poole-based company that has quickly become the go-to specialists for new home builds throughout Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire.

With more than 50 years’ experience, our family-led team has the skill and expertise to complete a variety of projects to an exceptionally high standard. Covering a wide range of building services, you won’t have to deal with more than one company to make your dream home a reality.

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Quick Walls Solutions

Pre-Fabricated Kit Homes

There are a whole host of factors which can contribute to delays in a building being constructed. One of the biggest factors is the weather. The beauty of opting for in-house construction using readily available component parts is that such delays no longer become an issue. Another factor which often dissuades customers is not knowing how much a project will cost.

With no delays to contend with, it’s easier to predict both the final cost and the completion date. By providing a set price and fixed delivery date, customers are instilled with confidence. This is great news and is why clients actively choose this route when self-building.

There is no project considered too big for our team to take on and successfully complete! Whatever your requirements may be, just give us a call and we will work closely with you to come up with a bespoke solution to your situation.

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  • Family Run
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Introducing New Home Builds Created By Quick Walls

At Quick Walls, we’re pleased to be able to accommodate customers seeking new home builds, both traditional and pre-fabricated. There are advantages with both options; for instance, both are eco-friendly by design. And, of course, every new build project receives our full oversight. We project manage the entire process from the very start.

But what if you’ve already started and are half-way to completion? If you’ve hit a roadblock and need a helping hand, our experts are happy to step in at any moment. We recommend enlisting our services from the start though, however, as we ensure that every little detail of your new home is exactly as you envisioned. We help keep everything on track, oversee labour allocation, manage costs, and keep the project running smoothly. So, if you like, you’re free to sit back and relax as you’re in good hands with us.

We derive immense pleasure in bringing our customers’ vision to fruition. One such project that we’re particularly proud of is Chalice Close as we feel this showcases our capabilities perfectly. This project, as with all our work, was made possible by our excellent turnkey service, which is available for both traditional and pre-fabricated new home builds.

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Our Turnkey Service

or classic new home builds, we take care of everything as part of our turnkey service. It all starts with a friendly chat, and from there, a plan and a design will be formulated. We leave no stone unturned and listen closely to the customer, ensuring that their vision is fully realised. Once everything is in place and quoted for, you’ll have the option to proceed or walk away. If you choose to proceed, our team will get to work constructing your new home.

Alternatively, the team at Quick Walls can also assemble pre-fabricated new builds which are also eco-friendly. Such options are faster to build and aren’t subject to the delays that usually befall traditional projects. This is because each house is made in a controlled environment from component parts and is not subject to external factors, such as poor weather conditions.

The cost of the project is also easier to predict as delays are almost completely offset, the construction duration is shortened, and materials are readily available. We find that customers are keener to commit to a project when they have a set price and fixed delivery date. As such, pre-fabricated buildings have only continued to grow in popularity.

Other benefits of this type of construction include:

  • Adaptable Designs
  • Zero Noise Pollution Owing to No On-Site Construction
  • Faster Turnaround – Site Preparation Can be Carried Out Alongside Construction
  • Factory Conditions Ensure Greater Quality Control
  • Can Be More Affordable Than Traditional Construction

Irrespective of which path you choose, you can trust that with 50+ years’ experience, Quick Walls will deliver on your expectations, and even exceed them.

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