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Stud Wall (Timber Frame)

Our timber frame stud walls are the perfect choice if you need the structural shell quickly or if the desired design doesn’t include large structural spans. A pre-fabricated timber frame can be set up a lot quicker than alternative materials, such as brick and concrete. If time is of the essence on your project but the quality can’t be compromised, then our timber frame is the right option for you.

Metal Stud

Metal takes up half the space that lumber does thanks to its hollowed shape. This enables easy handling and effortless transportation. The key benefit to choosing metal over wood is its immunity to problems like rot and mould growth. Even after long periods of time have passed, metal studs will not wear down or tear.


The durability of concrete blocks has been proven as this material can last for centuries when properly maintained. Completely impervious to moisture and rot, concrete blocks are a reliable choice that will be especially appropriate in coastal areas that experience high winds. Best of all, concrete will help you save significant amounts of money on heating bills.

Fire Safe

Has your insurance provider determined that your facility requires some additional protection? Our lightweight fire safe walls will match any provider’s requirements. Keeping your worksite safe from a potential fire is a priority, so enlist our expertise to make the premises fully secure and regulation compliant.


Do you need acoustic panels that will keep external noises out and indoor noises inside? Whether you are a private customer or the representative of a company, you can enlist our expertise in soundproofing the property in question. Using recycled materials wherever possible, our acoustic wall panels are an eco-friendly choice that are cost-effective and reliable.

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All of our walls are constructed from high quality materials that are second to none. Each type of structure that we offer has its own unique benefits. Please consult the list below to find out more about our walls and their intended purpose.

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