Stud Wall (Timber Frame)

The term “timber frame” is used to describe a system of panelised structural walls that have been constructed from small section timber studs and clad with board products where the frame transmits loads to the foundation.

There are many benefits to choosing timber frames by Quick Walls for your project. They will be a suitable choice if the structural shell is required quickly or if the design doesn’t include large structural spans.

When compared to alternatives like brick and block, a high quality pre-fabricated timber frame can be erected on the worksite much faster by comparison. This is beneficial because it enables wiring and plastering work to begin early due to the interior not being exposed to weather effects for nearly as long.

Decades of Experience

The Quick Walls team has decades of experience with timber frames. When you choose our pre-fabricated products, you will benefit from a higher quality frame than companies offering onsite construction could provide.

High quality timber frame structures are able to achieve a better thermal performance than alternative masonry options with a thinner construction. Because of their low thermal mass, spaces that are enclosed by timber frames will heat up more quickly than masonry.

If sound insulation is of importance, then there are additional materials that we can add to our timber frame structures to maximise it. One option is the construction of two wall leaves with a structural break between them that can be filled with sound absorbent materials like mineral wool, for example.

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Why Choose QuickWalls

Quality Workmanship

The key benefit of our timber frame structures is how strong they are. When designed and constructed properly by a team of accredited experts like Quick Walls, they will be one of the most robust and long lasting choices available on the market. Additionally, they are very cost-effective.

Choosing timber frames for your project means that you are making an environmentally responsible choice. If a tree is felled, another one will be planted in its place – timber is therefore classified as a renewable material.

This is one of the key reasons for timber’s increasing popularity as a building material. On the other hand, common alternative building materials such as bricks rely on the extraction of raw materials that are finite.

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